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Intermediate Algebra






Intermediate Algebra has 53 programs covering standard topics.  In addition, there are three testing programs.

Basic Algebra Review Determinants Quadratic Equations III
Scientific Notation Applications: Systems Quadratic Functions
Linear Equations Algebraic Fractions: Reduce Quadratic Inequalities
Quadratic Equations I Polynomials: Division Inverse Functions
Literal Equations Algebraic Fractions MD Exponents and Logarithms
Applications: Linear & Quadratic Eqs Algebraic Fractions AS I Exp and Log Functions
Linear Inequalities Algebraic Fractions AS II Laws of Logarithms
Compound Inequalities Compound Fractions Exponential and Log Equations
Absolute Value Equations Fractional Equations Applications: Exponents and Logs
Absolute Value Inequalities Fractions Summary Sequences and Series
Slope Applications: Fractional Eqs Arithmetic Sequences
Graphing Lines Rational Exponents Geometric Sequences
Equations of Lines Radicals: Simplify Binomial Theorem
Inequalities: Two Variables Radicals I Conics: Names
Functions: Introduction Radicals: Operation Conics: Parts
Functions: Notation Radicals II
Variation Radical Equations Test 1: Programs 1 – 16
Systems: Two Variables Complex Numbers Test 2: Programs 17 – 29
Systems: Three Variables Quadratic Equations II Test 3: Programs 30 – 39
Below is a sample screen from Intermediate Algebra Program 50b: Conics: Parts.